My name is Antonella. I love reportage, weddings and animals. I like love stories and that’s why I tell them. They call me an insane, yet professional, one-of-a-kind person. In fact, I am simply myself. I love to photograph, I’ve always done it, for me it’s a vocation.
I love weddings because … telling a love story that takes shape is exciting, each one has a different scent! Seeing the hidden side of things, getting in touch with people’s intimacy and showing their feelings in one click, over time, makes me happy.
Tears, smiles, nervousness, moods, explosions of emotions, are all elements that characterize a wedding making it unique. Being able to tell this to me is worth a thousand beautiful and perfect photographs.

How we are organized:

We are based in Roccella Ionica, but we have moved throughout Italy for several years. We work in a team, but I personally take care of every wedding! I like to find out about the history of the couple: their first meeting and their experience, so as to immediately establish a solid feeling that allows me to tell the wedding in an intimate way and in its entirety.

The advice I feel I can give to all my couples are:

– Enjoy the moment and have fun
– Respect the times for a successful marriage
– Delegate important tasks to someone you trust

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